Enabling Flash for Web Browser

Somehow, After Adobe discontinued Flash player, which newer web browser blocks all Flash content on websites by default. And some games at Bestgamefree.com still use Flash player. To play Flash contents, make sure you re-enable it step-by-step below.

This Article contain enabling for web browser below.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, web browser still contained Flash player plugin. Not require to download Flash player plugin.

Click on “Lock” icon and it will show dropdown menu, click  “Site setting“.

After that it will show Site setting tab. Find “Flash” and click dropdown menu and choose “Allow“.

Back to Game page. There will be notification massage under address bar that Site should refresh. Click “Reload


Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox didn’t contained Flash player plugin. Make sure you install Adobe Flash player extension first. By visit at https://get2.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Uncheck all Optional offers. And click “Download Flash Player“.

After finish installation, restart Firefox. Flash content will show as Lego icon. Click on “Run Adobe Flash“.

On the address bar. It will show Lego icon. Click on Lego icon and click “Allow“.

Microsoft Edge

Same as Chrome. Edge had built-in Flash player plugin. Not need to download Flash plugin.

Click on “Not secure” and go to Flash, click dropdown menu and click “Allow“.

And then restart web browser.