Have you ever dreamed of owning a water ski park? Let you become the tycoon of the water park now and create a place where everyone can enjoy the craziest rides in the world. Waterpark Parkour is a waterslide and water park building game. Your task is to design and build the best waterslide theme park. While you are racing on the water roller coaster, feel the thrill of rushing into the sky! Create a happy theme park you dream of. The game provides architectural drawings. These drawings can help you build the craziest, most thrilling, and most fun water amusement circle in the world! Explore a beautiful island world with fine sandy beaches and tropical coconut groves, stroll through the water world created by yourself, and create a paradise containing accommodation and tourist attractions!
WASD to move and drag your finger to move.

WASD to move and drag your finger to move.


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